lake volta slow sand filter
Feb, 2013

It's all about Water

This century is all about water. From population pressures to global warming, water availability and quality will decide the fate of many nations and regions. Who has it, how is it used, is it safe, can we afford to waste it? All of these issues will come to a head this century. And conventional approaches are not up to the task. One size, or technique, does most definitely not fit all. What works in developed countries where capital, availability of materials and expertise are plentiful, fails in countries with none of those things.
    We are dedicated to two principles:

Find the best solution for the place and people
Ocham’s razor- the simplest solution is always the best.

We provide: design services, training, project review, research. Intermediate technologies are a specialty of ours- those technologies that allow developing countries and peoples to experience the quality of water that is expected in developed countries, without the cost or complications.
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